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Somnapure is a natural sleeping pill made with the popular melatonin and other natural ingredients designed to help people fall asleep easier and faster.

Melatonin is the hormone produced in the pineal gland of the brain that onsets the sleep cycle and controls the sleep cycle for better sleep quality.

As people age, melatonin production decreases and falling asleep can become more difficult. And that’s why Melatonin-based supplements have become so popular. Melatonin is proven to be safe for helping increase sleep duration and even helping people wake up feeling refreshed.

Is Somnapure the right choice for sound sleep?

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The Good

The ingredient melatonin is the more impressive ingredient in Somnapure. However, the other herbs in the Somnapure formula provide additional relief that help people fall asleep. The use of valerian, lemon balm extract, l-theanine, hops extract, chamomile, and passionflower combine to ease pressure, tension, and stress that keeps people kicking the sheets in frustration. Valerian is nearly just as effective as inducing sleep as melatonin.

The Bad

The free two week trial for Somnapure is a typical marketing trap. Once you enroll in the free trial you are registered into their automatic-shipping program. This means that after your free two week sample, you will get an unexpected additional bottle of Somnapure for full price plus shipping and handling.

Final Conclusion

In order to avoid the Somnapure auto-ship program, you can purchase the product at local GNC stores. The formula packs in the best all-natural relaxing ingredients that should ease you into a deeper sleep. There is no guarantee Somnapure will completely avoid the sedative hangover effect the next morning, but getting enough sleep should be your first priority.

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Somnapure Customer Reviews

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  1. Dan 01/28/2014

    This has got to be one of the biggest rip offs offered. All they want is for you to try a free trail and give your credit card so they can put you on their subscription list and ship every month and charge it on your credit that you didn’t authorize.

  2. Dave 03/21/2014

    Make sure you read the fine print when getting a free sample, they charge you more than they tell you. You will also be signed up for auto buying by giving them you credit card number. As for the product I would rate it a 0 out of 10 it did nothing to help me sleep.

  3. Ben Hogan 05/15/2014

    A complete waste of time. There is no “natural medicine” that can really help you sleep. If there were, the world would not have a sleeping problem, which it does. This is pure BS and a marketing ploy.

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